Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Introducing the Tuesday Muse

Mondays get all the bad-day credit, and I'm gonna go out a limb here and say they don't deserve it. On Mondays you're all rested from the weekend. You just did laundry like a grown-up (assuming you're not me) so you've got cute outfits to wear again and you look all nice. And everyone in the office is getting back into the swing of the week, so the emails don't start rolling in full force until after noon.

Tuesdays... now, Tuesdays are awful.

So to combat the general monotony of Tuesdays, the knowledge that you won't get another proper sleep for four more days, the general increase of worldsuck that comes with that first day of real emails-flying-in-at-an-alarming-rate work or nose-to-the-grindstone writing, I think it's time we all joined forces.

Every Tuesday, I'm going to share a little piece of something inspiring. Let's call it your Tuesday Muse. And perhaps, some Tuesdays, you'd like to join me and share your own inspiring stuff as well? And then you'll post your Tuesday Muses in the comments on Trac Changes so we can all see, yes? And eventually we'll all be so inspired that Tuesdays will be the best days, right? OF COURSE THEY WILL.

So here's your first Tuesday Muse:

New Tail by John Powell on Grooveshark

It's from John Powell's score for How to Train Your Dragon; I'm obsessed with the film's entire soundtrack, not to mention its scenic design. The fiddle just paints such wonderful pictures in my head.

Okay, one more:

The Downed Dragon by John Powell on Grooveshark

I'd love to hear what you envision while listening to either or both of these, should you feel so inclined! Do please share in comments.


  1. I love the idea of Tuesday Muse! And I like your selections above. I admit sometimes my inspiration is a little darker/edgier, but most times for me the pre-dawn sky on a crystal clear morning is all I need. :)

  2. What a great idea!
    I love "How to Train Your Dragon." It's one of my favorite new movies. I also love this kind of music. But, I never intend to this soundtrack. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It will be added to my collection. :-)

  3. I complete agree with you about Tuesdays. I have long felt that they are worse than Mondays if for no other reason then that everyone is whiney on Monday and there's a sense of camaraderie and shared suffering. But on Tuesdays you're expected to buck up and be cheerful.

    Bah. *kicks Tuesday*

    I like the idea of songs though. :)