Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Introducing the 'Why Write?' Series!

So, a number of things in my life right now—from last week’s blog post (Why YA?) to a trip I made to the Science Fiction Museum (a.k.a. nerd paradise) in Seattle last month—have got me thinking a lot about why specific areas of fiction work, and when they work best. So I’m introducing a new feature on this blog for the next couple of weeks: the Why Write?TM series!

In the series, I’ll explore a wide range of genres and try to dissect them to get at their inherent strengths. Of course I’ll talk about Young Adult fiction, Sci-Fi and Fantasy (how could I stop myself?), but I’m also interested in taking a look at some of the genres I’m not as quick to pick up. I hope this can be a chance for us to have a conversation about why you like the books you like, as well as an opportunity to learn about why writers choose their genres—because genre is a choice as much as it is story driven, and because the framework in which we set our plots does as much to determine their meaning as does any other element of writing.

In the interest of having the best conversations possible, I want to know what genres you most want to hear about. What genres do you love? Which ones are you curious about, or which ones have you thought of trying? Which ones puzzle you—which ones make you ask yourself who thought that up? If you want to vote for something you don’t see up here, hit me up with it in comments.

I don’t really feel like having rules tonight, so I’m just going to be honest and say I’ll pick the top however-many-I-feel-like to discuss. So get voting!

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  1. This sounds like a very interesting project. I can't wait to read the results!