Monday, December 27, 2010

The WHY WRITE? Series Will Be Back Next Week!

Dear Authorlings,

I'm sorry to say that there shall be no post this week because:

1) If you're like any sensible publishing nerd, you're not at your desk this week anyway. You're off frolicking in the snow or celebrating your any-denominational holidays with your family-and-friend-type relations. Or with your favorite fictional characters--it's okay, I know how that works.

2) I am not always a sensible publishing nerd, exactly, but I'll be away from my desk this week one way or another because I've managed to crash my hard drive. You should be sensible right now and back your hard drive up, especially if you're an awesome writerly type and you have The Results of Your Hard Labor on your hard drive.

3) Let's face it: it's probably good for me to take two whole weeks to figure out how to say something more about the awesomeness of speculative fiction after The Rejectionist melted our faces with her Feminist Science Fiction Week in August. You're welcome.

Be back next week with more of the WHY WRITE?TM series, plus exciting updates on the 50 in '11 challenge! If you are really, truly stuck at your desk this week without something awesome to read, try this fabulous interview with St. Martin's Press Editor Vicki Lame over at YA Highway. There's something for writers, readers and industry hopefuls!

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