Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Epic 100 Followers Giveaway of Awesomesauce and Ponies! (Unicorns Are Included)

It's about time I gave away something awesome on this blog; you guys have been listening to me prattle on about publishing without the incentive of free books and unicorns for long enough! It's also just about time for me to reach 100 followers, and I'm not patient enough to let the scales tip on their own. So! Here's how this is going to work. Please read all the rules very carefully; if you skip one, I can't consider you for the prize. To enter, you must do each of the following things:

1. Become a follower of my blog. (If you're already a follower, congrats; you're a third of the way there!)
  • If you don't have blogger, you can still follow me by clicking the RSS feed button in the bar on the right of your screen.
  • If you are a Facebook friend and read these posts that way, you still must become a follower through Blogger or my feed in order to be eligible. Sorry.
2. Share this contest on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, your own blog, or wherever else.

3. Leave a link to your post in the comments here, along with your email address so I can contact you if you win.

That's it! No weird point systems, no extra credit for posting about it multiple times (though I will love you a little bit extra if you do). Just join this site, share the contest, and let me know about it. You have until 11:59 pm on Tuesday, May 24th to enter.

What's at stake, you might ask? Well, now would be a good time to decide whether you're a stalwart defender of print books or a pioneer of new reading technologies because, in keeping with the title and theme of this blog, the prizes will encourage you to think about both. The winner will have a choice between these two fabulous prize packages:

The TraditionalistThe Techie
A copy of Zombies vs. Unicorns signed by Kathleen Duey, Justine Larbalestier, Diana Peterfreund, Carrie Ryan, and Scott WesterfeldA subscription to The First Line literary magazine for your e-reader
A gorgeous handmade bookmark of your choice from bumblebooHandmades' Etsy shopA Kindle, Nook, or iPod nano armor from ittybittyscraps' Etsy shop
These super-cute dinosaur pins (har, har, get it, because print media is going extinct?) from EtsyThis pretty pretty unicorn pin (also har, har, because e-books are supposedly the unicorn that will save us) from Etsy

I'll choose a winner using random.org on Wednesday, May 25th, and you'll have your choice between the two packages. If I get a super-overwhelming number of entries, maybe there will be a second winner who will get the package leftover. So what are you waiting for? Start following, sharing, and commenting!


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  2. Awesome giveaway! I RT'd and then tweeted on my own, because it's just that cool. :)


  3. Okay, I followed you and here is my tweet! :D http://twitter.com/#!/clarekrmiller/status/70661458014371841

  4. Thanks for the wonderful insights on your blog!
    Here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/LidiDi/status/70480788747071489

  5. What a good day to find your blog! :) I've tweeted - @jemifraser

    Congrats on the 100!! :)