Friday, May 27, 2011

Tokyopop Closes its Doors May 31st

What Does that Mean for Mainstream Publishers?

Tokyopop, one of America’s largest comic publishers and the company credited with popularizing manga outside Japan, will officially close its doors in North America on Tuesday May 31st. The announcement, made April 15th, didn’t surprise many followers of the comic book industry; rounds of layoffs had reduced the company to a six-person staff months earlier, and a collapse seemed inevitable even as early as March, 2011.

But how did the company reach the point of collapse when, just eight years before, Steve Kleckner reported it had been growing by at least 200% for three years and wasn’t even slowing? And more importantly for publishers of more mainstream products, what is there to be learned from it?

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  1. When the big manga boom was going on, I knew it would peak, fall back and find its level but... T-pop's abandoning the US? Makes me sad.

    (stern look at YA) There's a lesson to be learned, here.

  2. Hi, L. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the lesson to be learned! I'm planning a follow-up post on that and a bit more, and would love to include some of your comments if you'd like to elaborate.